Brookly Navy Yard Arts

Photo: Fabio Salvatori, Dry Dock 1, detail

Brooklyn Navy Yard Arts (BNYarts) is an association of artists and artisans at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

2013 October BNYarts OPEN STUDIOS with Open House New York Weekend


October 12-13 2013, 12-5pm
Visit dozens of artists' and artisans' studios at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
• Open to the public, free admission
• Visitors entrance to the Brooklyn Navy Yard is at: BLDG 92, 63 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn NY 11205.

Participating artists and artisans (list in formation, confirmation pending:)

Michel Alexis
Painting, Bldg 5, Suite 202
Nel Bannier Sculpture (mainly figurative work), Bldg 131, Suite 204 small door
Carrie Bilbo Art Jewelry, Bldg 131, Suite 206
Jeff Britton Painting, Bldg 131, Suite 202
Steven Brower Propulsion Lab functional models, production consulting, + more, Bldg 280, Suite 521
Paul Campbell
Painting, Performance, Video, Bldg 5, Suite 202
Clockwork Apple Model-making and fabrication, Bldg 280, Suite 320
Tryn Collins
Painting, Bldg 120, Suite 205
Claudio D'Alberti Painting & Sculpture, Bldg 131, Suite 3R
Elinor Dei Tos Pironti, Painting, Drawing, Bldg 131, Suite 204 Small Door
Jeremy Dunklebarger Furniture Design, Bldg 3, Suite 1102, turn left twice from the elevator
Max Gleason Painting, Bldg 280, Suite 610
Kay Gordon Drawing, Objects, & Installation, Bldg 280, Suite 403K
Myrna Gordon
Ceramic Sculpture, Painting, Bldg 131, Suite 204
Aaron Gruenberg Green Mountain Construction & Design, Historic Vestibule Tile, Bldg 3, Suite 314
Eve Havilcek, Painting, Bldg 30, Suite 206
John King Painting, Drawing, Bldg 120, Suite 207
Davin Kuntze Woodside Press Letterpress Printing, Hot Metal Typesetting, Bldg 3, Suite 1008
Winicjusz Lysik
Painting, Sculpture, Bldg 280, Suite 514, Artopia
Halina Marki
Painting, Sculpture, Bldg 280, Suite 514, Artopia
Jackie Meier Painting, Bldg 131, Suite 3R
Leonor Mendoza Sculpture, Installation, Functional Designs, Bldg 280, Suite 403E
Anthony Merino, Ceramics, Bldg 131, Bldg 131, Suite 204 small door
Sara Marie Miller Works on Paper, Bldg 131, Suite 206
Nine Stories Furniture Co. Furniture Design, Bldg 5, Suite 311
Clare Parry Sculpture, Installation, Drawing, Bldg 3, Suite 404, Unit 191
Naomi Katz Plotkin Painting, Drawing, Prints, Bldg 280, Suite 613
Ruta Reifen Art Jewelry, Bldg 131, Suite, Suite 206
Kathryn Robinson-Millen, Ceramic Art, Bldg 131, Suite 204
Fabio Salvatori, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Bldg 280, Suite 603
Josh Sarantitis Public Community Muralist, Bldg 131, Suite 3S
Rebecca Simon
Painting, Bldg 280, Suite 610
Michael Slagle Painting, Bldg 3, Suite 1108
Susan Steinbrock Painting, Bldg 30, Suite 106
Suprina Sculpture, Bldg 3, Suite 1102
Tamara Thomsen
Painting, Bldg 131, Suite 3C
Bruce Tovsky Large-format Inkjet Prints, Bldg 30, Suite 106
Peter Wagner, Evan Hughes Studio, Bdlg 3, Suite 812
Julia Westerbeke Sculpture, Installation, Drawing, Bldg 3, Suite 404, Unit 191
Susan Woods Sculpture, Bldg 131, Suite 202
Tracy Wuischpard, Painting, Bldg 30, Suite 106
Elizabeth Yamin Painting, Bldg 62, Suite 203
Ting Yih, Painting, Installation, Bldg 120, Suite 205

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